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‘Syndesmos Chorou’ is a network of dance companies that joined forces in 2009 in order to exchange ideas and resources and experiment with a collective mode of practice, within the specific context of contemporary dance in Greece. Their aim was to create a sense of community within the field of dance, to lead collective actions and to offer opportunities for dialogue. Originally the network was founded by five companies: Amorphy, Lemurius, Φora, Dalika and Prosxima , which were very recently joined by two more: YELP and Zeta.

Since its founding the network has organised a number of different events, workshops and discussions. These include the succesful 7+1 project (which has an educational and artistic nature and has already taken place four times in different parts of Greece) and a very vibrant 10 day festival of events at the occupied Embros Theater in spring 2011 (which was  planned and organised with the assistance of four invited theorists of dance, and included artsists’ residencies, games, performances and discussions).

As a whole the dance companies of this network have long and lasting experience in the field of contemporary dance and have participated in many international and Greek festivals. A main feature of the groups is their artistic diversity, and therefore their aesthetic direction and choreographic style differs significantly. However, on an artistic level, what brings them together is the element of research as an integral part of their creative process. Whether they are testing the limits of physical expressiveness, or experimenting with new technologies, or attempting to interpret current social or political issues, they all seek to promote collective reflection and to contribute the development of the art of dance in Greece.

For more information on the networks companies press here.



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